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Film Free Projection Downloads

There are two versions of Film Free Projection; the classic FFP and the new Film Free Projection Extended (FFPx). FFP costs £50, FFPx costs £75. If you've already purchased FFP, then you can upgrade to FFPx for £25.

Download Film Free Projection or Film Free Projection Extended now! These are trial versions that are fully functional, except that a maximum of ten images can be loaded. You can convert them to a full version by buying a software key for £50 for FFP or £75 for FFPx.

The current release version of FFP is - download here.

You can download FFPx from the FFPx website.

Film Free Projection 3.4 readme (pdf file). Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is here.

Film Free Projection requires version 4.5 of .NET compatible; this should already be installed on your computer, if it isn't the installation system should install it automatically.  

A beta version of the Projectionist User Guide is here. This is the guide for projectionist users of this website.