Film Free Projection is in it's final year of support.

Now that FFPx (the extended edition of FFP) has become well established, support for the original FFP program will end in September 2022. Thanks to all the users over the years, who's suggestions have made it a far richer program than I could have imagined 15 years ago when I started work on the code.

The Classic Original

  • Specifically designed for camera clubs to run competitions - including KnockOut, Panel, InterClub and "Mix and Match" competitions.
  • Project up to four images at the same time.
  • Images are projected on a digital projector controlled from a laptop.
  • Score sheets can be printed, including a thumbnail of each image.
  • Author, title and subject obtained from metadata or filename.
  • Thumbnails can be "zoomed" to be sure what images are available.
  • Full support for "held back" images - simply by pressing the space bar.¬†
  • Images can be cropped in real time, rotated or flipped.
  • Title images are "locked" into position so that they aren't affected by shuffling.
  • A wide variety of scoring schemes can be easily defined.
  • Results can be exported as comma separated values for a spreadsheet or as HTML to be added to websites.

Download FFP for Free!

This is a fully functional version of FFP but limited to 10 images. Buy a software key to remove this limitation.

Film Free Projection version
Film Free
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 19.7 MB

The Extended Version

  • FFPx has all the functionality of classic Film Free Projection but has been rewritten and redesigned to be easier to use, load sequences faster and make adding images simpler.
  • FFPx has a ribbon based interface which makes it easier to find things. And it's been designed to be touch friendly; to score an image takes two taps - one to open the possible score windows, the second to select the score or position.
  • FFPx also supports the Photo Entry online entry system. There's a one time configuration to set your user id and password, then you can select a Photo Entry competition and download the entries. After the competition has been scored, the results are uploaded to Photo Entry ready for the end of season calculations.
  • FFPx has it's own website with more¬†information.¬†

Download FFPx for Free!

You can download FFPx from it's own website. This is a fully functional version limited to 10 images. Buy a software key to remove this limitation.