• "I think it is brilliant - keep up the good work." - Paul
  • "I’ve been using FFP now for a few months and have to say I’m very impressed with it, especially the different types of competition and scores it supports.  Also the title/author “trick” of using the “by” in the file name is very clever – this saves a lot of trouble for our less computer literate members." - Kevin
  • "I have found this program to be really easy to use and I really appreciate the (obviously large amount of) time and effort you have put into it." - Lauren
  • "The sofware worked a treat. Really lovely. My camera club mates have been really impressed." - Petruska
  • "I need to say again what a fantastic application this is, especially in the way it supports all the different types off competitions .  I’ve yet to meet a club who doesn’t use it." - Kevin
  • "What a brilliant program. I have bought it for our camera club... I saw this when we had a Club Battle a few weeks ago, and as the Club Projectionist, this is going to make my life much easier!!" - Keith